Guzheng Society Concert: "Chinese Music Through The Ages Featuring Guzheng"

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City College of San Francisco - Chinatown Campus, 808 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108-1304

Only by reflecting on the past can we understand the present Only by looking to the future can we inspire our creative talents China’s culture continues only if succeeding generations adopt its traditions Guzheng flourishes only through the passion of our your. Like our 33rd Annual Concert in 2015, the SFGMS will present a free concert this year. Ms. Weishan Liu will use multimedia to guide the audience through an 8000-year history of Chinese music, beginning with the bone flute, including Xun and Bell Chimes, and spotlighting guzheng past and contemporary masterpieces: Moonlight Over Spring River, Henan Medley, Qin Rhapsody, Evening Song of the Fishman, Dance of Yao, Battling the Typhoon, Three Variations of the Plum Blossoms, Voice of the Heart