Our Story

Enrique Rojas is a guitarist known for his versatile way to perform in different genres such as jazz, Latin, pop, rock and classical music. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he has been exposed to Latin music since a young age, which is reflected in his sound and compositions.

Currently, Enrique is living in San Francisco. He obtained an Associate Degree in Arts from City College of San Francisco and a Bachelors of Music with emphasis in jazz performance from San Francisco State University. He performs in venues all over the Bay Area both as a band leader and also as a sideman.   

Enrique is working in his first album as a leader and composer titled Back To The Origin. The album combines genres such as smooth jazz, Latin and funk. At the same time, he is leading a project called "ER Trio," in which he, Gabrielle Cavassa, and Gabriel Case perform arrangements of tunes chosen by the audience in their performances.